Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Q~Alice Nine

Alice nine is one of my sister's favor Japanese rock band. I try to draw a Q version for them. Maybe put on T-shirt later. Haven't drawn this kind of fan art since high school, is fun^^! But their hair style usually change often, I am not sure what they look like for now......HAHA


Ya-an said...

haha first to comment!

~black angel~ said...

hey, did you really draw that??!?! wowowowowow is you did....it looks awesome.....i also, love alice nine...but honestly, they dont look visual kei to me anymore...oh well, still loving them....ur drawings look really nice (that's if you drew them :P)

GrEeN_MilK said...

Erm...Can I drag the pic?!
I love it!!it's very nice!!Cute!!