Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas ^^

haven't post anything for a long time........haha

This is my greeting card for 2007 X'mas. base on some of my design for Med2 the game. ( also, the little one on my left is albert ^^)

My schedule is still tight until the end of this year.......GANBADE!!!

Hope you all have a happy holidays!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

new start ^^

It was a busy month for me......start a new job, moving to a new place.
when drawing something become a job, I feel I have more fun to do that.....
here is some foolish sketch I did during work......haha

Monday, September 3, 2007

15 SketchCrawl

haven't update for a while......= =
here are some sketch from 15th sketchcrawl. Golden Gate Park+ Perfect weather.^^

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Albert rest in peace

Aug.02.2007 7:20 am. My sweet little frient Albert pass away. I am really appreciate all the time he be with me. And I am sorry I couldn't do better to make him comfortable at the end........ Please forgive me, Albert. I will try not to cry, I will always miss you. don't know what else to say.
We made a website for him at

please feel free to take a look and leave a message for him! Thanks

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

back from Comic Con & Albert's tooth extraction

come back from Comic Con. It was amazing......Coz all the picture are in my friend's camera, I will post them later.
by the way, My dog Albert was having tooth extraction yesterday. Now he is in pain and very uncomfortable to eat.....I will have to take good care of him this few weeks.

poor albert......><

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Q~Alice Nine

Alice nine is one of my sister's favor Japanese rock band. I try to draw a Q version for them. Maybe put on T-shirt later. Haven't drawn this kind of fan art since high school, is fun^^! But their hair style usually change often, I am not sure what they look like for now......HAHA

T-shirt design

wow...time is running fast. is been one month??!!= =I am working on my new website(coming soon...). After that I can able to update new work easier.
This two image is for some T-shirt design for fun^^ Is anyone interested to buy it?....haha

Monday, June 25, 2007

some new work

some new concept painting for fantasy version of ancient China.
I did them in four days for a game company's art test......I hope they will like it.
sigh....first job is always difficult to get. Even though I really love to work in animation studio, there aren't much chance for me so far. I also love playing video game and love to create a fantasy world for it(like world of warcraft^^). I believe that if I can get experience from game industry, it may also help my animation career in future.....hope hope

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

always about the mood!!

in my case....painting new stuff always about the mood! when I am not in the mood, the painting will take forever....Last night I was in a pretty good mood. start to try something unfamiliar with....west town :) I am not sure how can I improve it.....any comments?

Thursday, May 24, 2007


this character is really come out by accident. I did a quick sketch during I paint "the Hunter"
I try to use more color to create dramatic light effect.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

sturdeay sketchcrawl

this is my first sketchcrawl and I have a great time(tired too....haha)here are some sketch I did on Saturday. I think my hand is getting cold....need some warm up.....^^

Thursday, May 10, 2007

romance style....first try

this kind of portrait style is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. used to be on the cover of romance novel. for some reason I have to draw this picture for a friend. maybe because the model is a pretty girl, only spend me one night to finis it. hope she will like it!

by the way.....this is NOT me!!


another illustration based on warcraft character. I used to have a very cute style, I try to bring up some darker feeling through this painting, and to practice my CG painting skill....I think I will have a series of work base on WOW.^^ I didn't play hunter so I design the outfit by myself. I was thinking about night elves when I start drawing. But she looks more like blood elves at the end.....!! About the background.....I think I have been staying in outland (Hellfire Peninsula) for too long....haha
any comment is welcomed. thanks^^

my first world of warcraft illustration.

I have been playing world of warcraft for a while, but this is my very first illustration baset on this game.....haha

This illustration is for an online novel on the world of warcraft official website in Taiwan.

stupid book

well....I did those illustrations for a children's book competition in Taiwan (suppose to). 15 double pages. unfortunately my story partner doesn't like the result so she refuse to attend the competition with me. Also she doesn't allow me to attend the competition only under my name. Actually she only come up with a simple story idea. only one paragraph. I am the one who did all the character design, give them personalty and put them all together as a book. During the process, every time I email her she pretty much agree with all my ideas. That's why I am pretty upset that she refuse me in the very last min....and she doesn't even look my work.....crazy!

anyway, I already finish all the painting. At least I can still use them in my portfolio. I learned a lot through the process, and got used to working on Painter.


finally get my art blog open^^
I hope this art blog can motivate me to painting and draw more><