Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas ^^

haven't post anything for a long time........haha

This is my greeting card for 2007 X'mas. base on some of my design for Med2 the game. ( also, the little one on my left is albert ^^)

My schedule is still tight until the end of this year.......GANBADE!!!

Hope you all have a happy holidays!



enb said...

Nice- and good job on getting out a holiday card. :-)

Banewulfe said...

Wow!! This is beautiful and very cute!! Thanks for the merry Christmas, and I wish you a warm Happy Holidays, too!

Ken said...

glad to see a new post!

haha what an awesome card. Fantastic, love the design. Is that you?? lol!

Merry Christmas!

Der Blaue Reiter said...

Beautiful illustration ! :]

Merry Christmas !

Halcyon Realms

William said...

that is one awesome xmas card....

you rock Irene!

and merry xmas to you too~

IRene said...

To Ken
yeap....that's me^^

and thanks for stop by everyone!

Le_fish said...

Nice X-mas Card and happy holidays to you as well. *Back to grading...*

cdeboda said...

Hey Irene, looks like you got a cool job then. Nice looking card. And happy holidays to you too.

PS...yay albert! :)

Coloribus said...

hu! hu! hu! very funny illustration !
Happy new year ;o)

Fio said...

Hi :)

I was surfing the net and stumbled across your blog. I just wanted to drop some lines to say that I love your art and that this card is simply beautiful! I know it's late to say Happy Holydays, but... Happy New Year then! :D