Tuesday, May 29, 2007

always about the mood!!

in my case....painting new stuff always about the mood! when I am not in the mood, the painting will take forever....Last night I was in a pretty good mood. start to try something unfamiliar with....west town :) I am not sure how can I improve it.....any comments?


chuck said...

wow!!!this one is awesome!!!!

ken said...

I know what you mean about 'mood', i have the same feeling with my painting!

Talking of mood, this painting has fantastic atmosphere. Lots of depth, really nice! I am not sure how to improve it, I think its great, love the perspective and the foreground elements etc. Maybe make the lanterns glow stronger?


Ken :D

William said...

yes i have one very important comment:

can you teach me how to paint like that?

IRene Y Chan said...

to william
yeah...nice try, it's really funny.