Monday, September 8, 2008

new stuff 1

Those illustrations are for a CD book base on a Chinese poem by Wayne Lin. the subject is about Earth, Tree, Water and Animal. I try to translate some part of his poem so you can get the idea ^^

二 野獸 [動物的話]



You all see me living in the landscapes with leisure

You all live a tense and hurry lifestyle

You all go all out to make money

Then one day, you all get your fame and become bustling visitors

In the mountains, the sunset and the dawn

Like what I do everyday --- living in the landscapes with comfort and leisure


Gerald said...

Awe man, what an adventurous illustration! It's so great to be a kid again! Love it.

CCarman said...

man-o-man your new work looks awesome!!! I love the first one in particular.

Hope all's well,


Ken said...

Ive missed a few posts! Wow, I love this illustration, lovely colours.

thanks for the kind words on my blog. Oh yeh, I used some html code, for image links and my mini portfolio - if you want the code, let me know!

dintoons said...

lovely and peaceful poetry... and LOVE your b&w artwork, too beautiful!! :)